Judging in Sweden

As a service to show judges we have collected documents useful for the assignment in Sweden. Further questions can be answered by the organizing club.

Show judge examening a dog
Photo by Jenny Jurnelius

Accommodation and meals according to SKK standards

Hotel rooms with shower, toilet, TV and telephone. If there are no hotels near the show ground, or the standard of the hotels are low, you shall be contacted in advance and informed about the standard and asked if you are willing to accept the accommodation.

If you are offered to stay with someone in the club, you should be able to have some privacy – e.g. not be offered a bed in a living room. You do not have to accept to stay at someone's house if don't want to.

The show organizer should inform you in advance of what applies for the dinner the evening before the show. If you arrive late in the evening you will be offered a lighter meal. The show organizer is obliged to cater for food and refreshments during the show days, e.g. at the show ground. It is usual for a joint dinner at a two/three day show. The organizer should in due time inform about the dress code.

Remuneration and travel compensation

There is a choice whether to use the Svenska Kennelklubben or the FCI regulations. The alternative chosen shall be marked in the form for Confirmation/Agreement between judge and organizing club. The alternatives cannot be mixed, either both judging fee and kilometrage is according to FCI regulations or Svenska Kennelklubben regulations.

In both alternatives the actual costs for travel shall be reimbursed by the organizing club, such as parking/train/bus/taxi/flight (reasonably priced economy class ticket).

Judging fee and kilometrage when travelling by car differs between the FCI and the Svenska Kennelklubben regulations as stated below;

Svenska Kennelklubben regulations
Judging fee:   950 SEK / judging day
Kilometrage:   3,10 SEK / km

FCI regulations
Judging fee:   50 € / judging day and 35 € / travel day
Kilometrage:   0,35 € / km

Your TIN-number and a copy of your passport

Due to Swedish tax regulations Svenska Kennelklubben need to apply for SINK-tax for all foreign judges judging in Sweden. We have done our best to reduce the impact on you; the organizing club will therefore submit the application and pay the tax for you.

You will still get the same amount sent to your account as per your signed contract (950SEK/judging day). However, the organizing club will need some details from you to be able to submit the application. The club needs is a scanned copy of your passport and your tax identification number/TIN-number in your country of residence. The details will exclusively be used to enable the Swedish tax office to verify who is receiving a payment from Svenska Kennelklubben.

Credit cards and cash

Sweden is widely regarded as the most cashless society on the planet. Many bank branches, shops, museums and restaurants now only accept plastic or mobile payments. Major credit cards (some restriction may apply to American Express) are widely accepted throughout Sweden.

It is of great importance that the organizing club receives these details before or at the show. Without them SKK will be forced by the Swedish tax office to pay an even higher tax; which will affect your judges fee, reducing it by 15%.


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