About the website

Svenska Kennelklubben's website is an important channel for information from us and communication with you. We also have other websites and online services, such as Hunddata (information about Swedish dogs), Avelsdata (powerful tool for breeders) and Internetanmälan (for entry and payment to dog shows).


Our websites uses so called cookies, small text files which stores information and are saved in your computer. The cookies allow us to distinguish you from other visitors to the website, and help us provide you with a more personalized experience. We use different kind of cookies, necessary for some of our most popular functions and online services. For example, we have session cookies when you are searching in Hunddata or when you entering a dog to a dog show via Internetanmälan. These cookies will be erased when you leave the site or if you delete it.

If you choose not to accept cookies you can not use some of our functions and online services Avelsdata, Hunddata and Internetanmälan (Online entry service). But if you need information, forms and such, you are welcome to contact us, phone: + 46 8 795 30 00, email: kansli@skk.se.

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