Bringing dogs to Sweden

Pet dogs have to meet certain conditions to be allowed to enter into Sweden. What the conditions are depend on what country they are imported from.

From January 2012 a new set of rules, all set by the European Union, apply for bringing dogs into Sweden. You will find useful and up-to-date information on bringing dogs do Sweden at Jordbruksverket's website (The Swedish Board of Agriculture). Click on the link below.

Please note that:
- it is prohibited to keep or own wolf hybrids in Sweden
- it is prohibited to keep or breed dogs particularly prone to aggression (Swedish Ordinance - SFS 1988:539, amended by SFS 1997:49 - on animal welfare).

Further information

Further information and application forms can be requested at:

Jordbruksverket (The Swedish Board of Agriculture)
551 82 Jönköping

Phone: +46 36 15 55 33

Jordbruksverkets website – information on bringing dogs from abroad

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