5 reasons why you should buy a pedigree dog

There are several reasons to buy a pedigree dog – that you know what you get, make a safe purchase, become part of a great community, the breeder is a member of Svenska Kennelklubben and that you help us improve the life of all dogs in Sweden are five of them.

Two danish swedish farm dog puppies outside on the lawn
Photo by Jessica Björling Brännlund
  1. You know what you will get
    Large or small? Pet dog, herding dog or hunting dog? Choose your breed of dog carefully! All breeds of dog have their typical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to choose a breed that suits you and your lifestyle, no matter whether you want to compete in agility, hunt wild boar or just take long,  relaxing walks. The more you know about the breed you choose, the more likely it is that you and your dog will get along well together.
  2. A safer purchase
    Do you want to minimise the risk of buying a smuggled dog? Or avoid supporting any other form of irresponsible activities that are detrimental to dogs? The Swedish Kennel Club (Svenska Kennelklubben – SKK) strives to ensure that breeding is done under controlled conditions and we place high demands on our breeders. When you fetch your puppy, it must be at least 8 weeks old, examined by a vet, and handed over with a registration certificate and purchase agreement. Do  not make the mistake of falling for the first puppy you se on the internet and never agree to fetch your new family member from a car park!
  3. Train, compete and socialise
    Courses, dog shows, trials and competitions – when you buy a pedigree dog from Svenska Kennelklubben, you will become a member of a community that has great fun together! Today, Svenska Kennelklubben has almost 300,000 members and almost 1,000 clubs all over Sweden. Do a course in everyday  obedience, take part in a dog show, go on a camp, train, compete and socialise. Don’t miss the opportunity of meeting other people who have the same breed as you – that can be a real aha experience!
  4. The breeder – an asset
    Svenska Kennelklubben’s breeders generally care a lot about the puppies they sell and they are committed to the general future of their dog breed. Make use of your breeder’s knowledge! As a dog owner, it can mean a lot to have someone you can turn to with your everyday questions about feed and health, training and activating your dog, visits to the vet, cutting your dog’s claws – anything! Svenska  Kennelklubben’s breeders often have long experience of their dog breed and many just keep on learning more and more. So look upon your breeder as an asset!
  5. For the common good of all dogs
    As a member, you will help us improve the lives of all dogs in Sweden. In Sweden, two out of three dogs are registered with Svenska Kennelklubben. That means the work we do, for example, to improve dogs’ health, has widespread effect. We can really make a difference! As a member of one of our clubs, you will contribute to the work we do for long-term, sustainable breeding. You will enable us to take new initiatives as regards research and education. Moreover, you will make our voice louder when we want to stimulate debate, spread information and  improve the rights of dogs and dog-owners in society.

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