BSI – Breed Specific Instructions

The task of a dog show judge is to preserve the characteristics of each breed within the frames of the approved breed standard. This must never be done at the expense of soundness.

Stack photo of a curly coated retriever outside on a lawn.
Photo by Pernilla Arvanitidis

The breed specific instructions, BSI, identify areas of risk and aim at preventing possible future problems. The BSI document is a complement to the breed standard and aims at reminding the show judge and to alert his/her awareness about the risks of exaggerations.

In Sweden we introduced the BSI in 2009 and since 2014 the BSI is a cooperation between the nordic kennel clubs.

These instructions are the result of an inventory made possible through extensive collaboration between dog show judges, breed clubs, veterinary surgeons and health insurance statistics.

This inventory constitutes the basis for the selection of the high profile breeds and for the written directions for each individual breed.