Documents for breeders

Regulations and forms for breeders.

Related information

  • Breeding dogs in Sweden

    The Swedish Kennel Club, SKK, owes its existence to the work of breeders and the results of their efforts. Here you find all important information for all dog breeders in Sweden. If you are planning to breed a litter, read this first.

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  • Bringing dogs to Sweden

    Pet dogs have to meet certain conditions to be allowed to enter into Sweden. What the conditions are depend on what country they are imported from.

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  • 5 reasons why you should buy a pedigree dog

    There are several reasons to buy a pedigree dog – that you know what you get, make a safe purchase, become part of a great community, the breeder is a member of Svenska Kennelklubben and that you help us improve the life of all dogs in Sweden are five of them.

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